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ChillerMate – Waste Heat Recovery Product


  • Waste heat recovery from chiller units.
  • Upto 75°C hot water recovered.
  • Reduction in chiller power – not possible with any alternative.
  • Fast payback assured.


50% of energy involved in refrigeration cycle is waste heat

Reusing this waste energy can be a major source of savings

How it Works

Industry Application

Dairy & Ice-cream
Food & Beverages
Hotels & Hospitality


Hot water at almost no cost

It is the cheapest source of heat energy when compared to LPG, Diesel, Furnace Oil, Coal,etc. Avail attractive paybacks of 6-15 months!

Clean Technology

Each TR of capacity saves 1.5 tons of CO2 annually. It reduces ~150 tons carbon dioxide emissions. In turn, reducing the burden on 7,000 trees each year

Reliability & minimal maintenance

It has a long life of 10+ years. Can be maintained by regular aircon maintenance team. Double wall vented design ensures zero chance of intermixing of fluids.

Very compact, modular design & minimal footprint

Less than 1 sq.m. of area for a 100 TR installation

Improves chiller efficiency and reduces running costs

Upto 25% increase in condenser area available for heat rejection. 5-20% increase in cooling capacity of the chiller. Reduces power consumption of chiller due to higher COP. All associated cooling tower costs reduced.