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CompMate – Waste Heat Recovery Product


  • Waste heat recovery from air compressors.
  • Upto 90 °C hot liquid recovered.
  • High heat transfer achieved with lowest pressure drop in the world.
  • 12 month payback assured.


90% of input energy to an air compressor is rejected as heat.

A large portion of this energy can be captured and converted to useful energy like zero cost hot water.

How it Works

In an oil flooded air compressor, ~65-75% of motor power is rejected as heat through the coolant oil. CompMate sits between the compressor and oil cooler and recovers heat before it touches the cooler. This recovered heat can be used to heat water upto 80 degrees Celsius in most cases.

Industry Application

Paper & Pulp
Food & Beverages


Hot water at zero cost

Recover wasted energy to generate zero cost hot water. Paybacks are rapid and always less than 2 years.

Live data monitoring

Complete transparency on savings generated. Daily reports on total energy saved – will also help monitor compressor.

Reliable system

Single walled and double wall systems provided depending on requirement. We provide systems which ensure zero chances of intermixing of water and compressor oil.

Compact, modular and minimal footprint

Less than 1 sq.m. area required for a 100 kW system.

Improves compressor efficiency

By removing excess heat from the compressor oil, CompMate conditions the oil temperatures, and improves life of compressor, even during extreme hot weathers.