Five Star Hotel (International Brand) in South India

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  • Hot water generated at 52 °C
  • 70 kW of heat recovered from 250 TR chillers
  • Diesel consumption reduced by 80%
  • Payback < 12 months

About the Project

A large hotel in South India, with humid weather conditions was using 250 TR screw chillers for central air conditioning, and diesel boilers for hot water in the range of 45-52 °C. Chiller was using R134a refrigerant, with relatively low discharge temperatures (~65 °C). Specially designed double walled heat exchangers were built to recover heat energy from refrigerant, and generate hot water at zero cost.
  • Double walled system – No fear of intermixing of refrigerant and water
  • Safety bypass features incase of isolation of heat recovery system
  • Rapid payback – money was recovered within few months of installation

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