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  • Hot water generated at zero cost for washing machines
  • 50 kW of heat recovered from 75 kW compressor
  • Electricity consumption drastically reduced in washing machines

About the Project

One of the oldest and most respected autmobile parts manufacturing company in the country was using air compressors for pneumatic systems. Simultaneously, they were running washing machines for cleaning auto parts, for which electric heaters were being used. Four different washing machine tanks were operating at temperatures between 45°C and 65°C.
CompMate systems were installed, where heat was recovered from oil flooded air compressors, and used to generate zero-cost hot water at 80°C, which was then used to offset all four washing machine tanks.
  • End to end engineering was provided where single heat source was used for multiple heat sinks with high reliability.
  • Secondary heat sink at washing machines for handling neutrobond fluid with high concentration of dirt particles.
  • Post installation and commissioning, electric heater banks are completely switched off during air compressor operation hours.

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