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  • Hot water heated from 30°C to 55°C for boiler feedwater heating
  • 40 kW of heat recovered from 107 kW screw chiller
  • Briquette consumption reduced for water heating application
  • Payback < 15 months

About the Project

One of the largest chemical manufacturing plants in the country was using chillers for process applications running 24x7.
ChillerMate systems were installed, where heat was recovered from a 100 TR screw chiller, and used to heat boiler feedwater from 30 to 55°C.
  • 30,000 liters of hot water per day per air compressor with a temperature lift of 55°C
  • 150 tons of carbon emission reduction per annum
  • Chiller power consumption has come down post installation – discharge pressures have dropped due to well designed system.

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