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  • Hot water heated from 30⁰C to 75⁰C for dyeing purposes
  • 60 kW of heat recovered from each 110 kW compressors
  • Coal consumption reduced for dyeing application
  • Payback < 12 months

About the Project

One of the largest textile processing plants in the country was using air compressors for spinning and pneumatic systems, and boilers for process applications like washing, dyeing, among others. Dyeing application required hot water in the 70-80 ⁰C temperature range, which was being generated through steam generated from coal boiler.
CompMate systems were installed, where heat was recovered from oil flooded air compressors, and used to generate zero-cost hot water at 75⁰C, which offset the coal consumption for dyeing application.
  • 30,000 liters of hot water per day per air compressor with a temperature lift of 45⁰C
  • 1000+ tons of carbon emission reduction per annum
  • Air compressor life has improved post installation – previously, the compressor would overheat and trip during summers. CompMate system conditions the oil temperatures, and currently systems are working as smoothly as new systems.

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