Large Textile plant in Western India

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  • Hot water heated from 30°C to 45°C for washing purposes
  • 50 kW of heat recovered from 110 TR chillers
  • Coal consumption reduced for washing application
  • Payback < 24 months

About the Project

A large viscose processing plant in the country was using chillers for mercerizing process, and boilers for process applications like washing. Washing application required hot water in the 45-50 °C temperature range, which was being generated through steam generated from coal boiler.
ChillerMate systems were installed, where heat was recovered from R134a chillers, and used to generate zero-cost hot water at 45°C, which offset the coal consumption for washing application.
  • 70,000 liters of hot water per day per chiller with a temperature lift of 15°C
  • 150 tons of carbon emission reduction per annum

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