Harness the Power of Waste Heat to Reduce Your Operating Costs: A Case study


Ammonia compressors, vital components in refrigeration processes, traditionally release large amounts of waste heat during their operations. This waste heat, if left unutilized, contributes to environmental concerns and represents a missed opportunity for energy efficiency. Recognizing this challenge, the dairy in North India sought to explore innovative ways to harness and repurpose the waste heat generated by their KC-4 ammonia compressors.


The implementation of ChillerMate’s waste heat recovery solution proved to be a game-changer for the North Indian dairy. The comprehensive solution not only addressed the environmental impact but also demonstrated a compelling return on investment (ROI).


The impact extended beyond energy and emissions to the very core of operational efficiency. The reduced consumption of briquettes in the boiler underscored the optimization achieved through waste heat recovery. The dairy experienced a streamlined and more resource-efficient process, showcasing that sustainable practices can go hand in hand with operational excellence.

Reduced Emissions

27kW of heat recovered from each of the KC-4 ammonia air compressor

Energy Savings

Hot water heated from 30°C to 65°C for boiler feed water application

temperature-arrow-down Lower Consumption

Briquette consumption reduced in the boiler

Carbon foot print

100 ton CO2 Per annum


Payback less than 12 months

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