Recovering Waste Heat from Hot Gases: A Cost-Effective Way to Save Energy


Industrial processes are notorious for producing excess heat as a byproduct, often in the form of hot gases. Historically, this valuable energy source was considered expendable and left to dissipate into the environment. However, as sustainability takes center stage, industries are awakening to the latent potential of this waste heat. By capturing and reusing this energy, processes can be optimized, and significant cost reductions can be achieved.

The facility faced two primary challenges: the exorbitant cost associated with diesel-powered heating and the environmental repercussions of their reliance on fossil fuels. With increasing emphasis on sustainable practices and the drive to reduce carbon emissions, the facility recognized the urgency to explore alternative solutions.


Consider the illuminating case of a major chemical industry in India that harnessed waste heat from its sulphonation plant. In this plant, air served as a cooling medium for operations. After fulfilling its cooling role, the heated air was simply released into the atmosphere at a scorching temperature of 250 degrees Celsius. This practice epitomized the age-old habit of squandering precious energy.

Recognizing the untapped potential, the chemical industry sought a solution to put the waste heat to good use. The answer lay in a meticulously designed heat recovery system. This system was tailored to the site’s specific conditions, ensuring maximum efficiency in capturing and repurposing the waste heat.


The implementation of the heat recovery system yielded remarkable outcomes:

Daily Energy Recovery

The chemical industry successfully recovered an impressive average of 6 to 8 MWh of energy per day from the waste heat. This staggering amount of energy would have otherwise been lost, making a significant dent in the industry’s energy expenses.

Cost Savings

The economic impact was equally compelling. By harnessing this recovered energy to heat the boiler feed water, the industry managed to slash their fuel costs by a noteworthy Rs 50 Lakhs per year. This financial boost translates not only to immediate savings but also a long-term reduction in operational costs.

Rapid ROI

One of the most compelling aspects of this transformation was the swift Return on Investment (ROI) – an impressive feat, with ROI achieved in less than 12 months. This not only underscores the economic viability of waste heat recovery but also positions it as a practical strategy for businesses aiming to optimize their operations.

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