Utilizing waste heat from air compressor to heat boiler feed water


Addressing Waste Heat and Energy Inefficiency

Air compressors are critical for any industry since they support processes that demand pressurized air. However, these machines often generate massive amounts of waste heat, which traditionally dissipates into the atmosphere. 

One of the easy to implement solutions is to recover the waste heat from the air compressor and use it to heat boiler feed water. 


Heat Recovery for Energy Efficiency

Enter the innovative solution: heat recovery from air compressors. By implementing a heat recovery system, industries can intercept the waste heat produced by air compressors and repurpose it for a more productive use. One of the most effective applications of this concept is the preheating of boiler feed water. The excess heat, which would otherwise be lost to the atmosphere, is harnessed and transferred to the boiler feed water. This process not only reduces the energy required to elevate the water temperature but also lightens the load on the boiler, leading to improved efficiency and longevity.

Transforming Waste Heat into Valuable Resources

Consider the success story of a textile SME in South India. Faced with the challenge of energy wastage from their 90kW oil-injected air compressor, they opted to implement a heat recovery system. The system was designed to elevate the temperature of water from 30°C to 60°C, a task accomplished through the utilization of waste heat. The results were nothing short of impressive:


Generated Hot Water

1200 litres per hour of hot water was Generated at 60⁰C

Energy Recovery

40kW of waste heat energy recovered from the air compressor

Rapid Payback

Payback of less than 18months

If you’re looking for a more efficient and sustainable way to heat water, heat recovery from air compressors are a great option. They are more efficient and environmentally friendly.

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