CompMate- Air Compressor heat recovery system to generate hot water at Zero Cost.

Save Energy and Generate hot water at Rs 0.2/kWh with our Air Compressor heat recovery system

Energy Savings

CompMate recovers 65% of energy from the air compressor and uses it to offset your heating cost thereby generating energy savings.

Reduced Emissions

Using the waste heat from the air compressor helps you to offset your other sources of heat, hence lowering carbon emissions.

temperature-arrow-down Lower the element temperature

Lower your element temperature by 5℃. This also increases the life of the oil.

Remote monitoring

The digital IoT layer in our system allows you to monitor the system remotely. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your system is operating properly.


Collect Data

We audit your facility and identify opportunities that can use the waste heat from the air compressor to offset its existing heating system.

Custom Design

Once an opportunity is identified, the CompMate is designed as per the capacity of the air compressor and the temperature requirement of the hot water.

End-to-End Solution

To efficiently transfer the recovered heat, we help you by laying the required pipelines to the required location and designing a heat delivery unit to transfer heat efficiently.


The CompMate is designed as a double-walled system so that Oil and water don’t mix in case of failure.

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    PROMETHEAN ENERGY designs and builds heat recovery and thermal energy solutions for industries and commercial units.

    With industries and commercial units having 50% of the total input energy released as waste energy, our solutions are designed to help you untap this waste energy.


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